A senior Doctor Explain - How a potency test is conducted

'Moksha Prapti' guru Asaram jee yet again proved his mettle when he passed Potency Tests with flying colors. He passed all three stages of this test at the ripe age of 74 which indicates the benefits of meditation and healthy diet on human's body :)

But what exactly is Potency Test? What are those three stages and how these are being performed? Few things which everyone must know....

What is Potency Test?
Potency Tests are being done for both legal and medical purposes, usually to check whether a man is capable to perform sexual duties / acts or not. This test is often being done on the accused in cases of physical molestation such as Rape, martial disputes, etc. It is also being done to provide remedy for male patients who are not able to make their life partner conceive.

Essay on cell phone boon or bane ?

In the recent era, mobile phone has become part and parcel of one’s life and though it is very important mode of communication, its demerits are beyond one’s imagination. Mobile phone’s electro-magnetic radiation creates harmful heat energy that is likely to cause cancer, brain tumors, impotency, hereditary deformities, memory loss, headache etc.
Dr. Jonas Hordell surveyed on 1,617 patients of brain tumor and concluded increased risk of cancer in those, who used mobile phones excessively. Auditory nerves are susceptible to increased risk of permanent deafness by 30%. Finland’s research Institution ‘Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority’ has proved that brain’s side close to which mobile phone is kept while attending a call, is 39% more prone to brain cancer than the other side. 

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Essay on cell phone boon or bane ?